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Obi and Atiku’s Strategic Meeting Fuels Speculation of a Political Alliance for 2027

Obi and Atiku’s Strategic Meeting Fuels Speculation of a Political Alliance for 2027

In a move that has generated significant political buzz, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and former Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi have rekindled their political association, sparking speculation about a potential alliance ahead of the 2027 presidential election.

Obi’s visit to Atiku on Monday, along with meetings with other prominent Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) figures, has been interpreted by political observers as a strategic maneuver to consolidate opposition forces against the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

The meeting, held at Atiku’s Abuja residence, has not only captured media attention but also raised questions about Nigeria’s political future. Atiku, the 2023 presidential candidate of the PDP, took to his X handle to express his honor in hosting Obi, stating, “It was my honour and privilege to host @PeterObi today. -AA”.

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In addition to Atiku, Obi also met with former Senate President Abubakar Bukola Saraki and Sule Lamido, a founding father of the PDP and former governor of Jigawa State. These meetings, which took place at their respective residences in Abuja, were described by Obi’s spokesman, Dr. Yunusa Tanko, as part of Obi’s commitment to national peace and progress. Tanko emphasized Obi’s dedication to improving the living conditions of Nigerians, particularly the impoverished.

According to a source within Atiku’s camp who spoke to Leadership, the public meeting between Obi and Atiku was the culmination of ongoing discussions that had been taking place even while Atiku was out of the country. 

“This meeting today (Monday) has been long in coming. Atiku and Obi have been interfacing leading up to this meeting,” the insider revealed. The talks are believed to have focused on forming an alliance similar to their partnership in the 2019 election, although the political platform for such an alliance remains undecided.

The source further indicated that both leaders are motivated by a desire to form an alliance in the interest of Nigeria, despite concerns over external influences within the PDP. The precise details and timeline for finalizing this alliance have yet to be disclosed.

Historical Context 

Atiku and Obi previously ran together on the PDP ticket in the 2019 presidential election, with Atiku as the presidential candidate and Obi as his running mate. However, this partnership did not continue into the 2023 election, as Obi departed from the PDP to pursue his presidential ambitions under the Labour Party banner. Both Atiku and Obi lost to President Bola Tinubu in the 2023 election, finishing second and third, respectively.

Since the 2023 election, Atiku has been vocal about the need for an opposition coalition to effectively challenge the APC. Similarly, Obi has been expanding his political influence, particularly in Northern Nigeria, where he has engaged with local communities, providing essential services and fostering goodwill.

Reflecting on Obi’s recent visit to Atiku, Saraki, and Lamido, Dr. Yunusa Tanko highlighted the dire situation in the northern regions of Nigeria and Obi’s focus on addressing these issues. 

“His abiding devotion is to the emergence of a Nigeria that works for all its peoples and where the people are quickly pulled out of poverty,” Tanko stated. He emphasized that the discussions centered on alleviating the suffering of all Nigerians, particularly the impoverished.

Adding to the narrative, Dr. Sam Amadi, a former chairman of the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), shared his insights on X, reminiscing about the mutual respect and concord between Atiku and Obi. 

“I know there’s so much respect and concord between them. @atiku won’t mind Obi being president vice versa,” Amadi commented, attributing past discord to political aides.

Reactions from Political Parties

The Labour Party’s national leadership has remained silent on the development, with attempts by Leadership to reach key figures such as the national chairman, Barr Julius Abure, and the national publicity secretary, Obiora Ifoh, proving unsuccessful. 

However, Lamidi Apapa, a factional chairman of the Labour Party, acknowledged Obi’s right to hold merger talks but stressed the need for party approval for any formal agreement.

Just days before Obi visited the PDP leaders, Atiku’s spokesperson, Paul Ibe, revealed in an interview that the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, played a key role in Peter Obi’s departure from the PDP.

Ibe also mentioned that Atiku was willing to allocate the PDP presidential ticket to the Southeast. He made these statements during an appearance on Seun Okinbaloye’s Mic-On podcast, which was released on Saturday.

“Atiku did not force Peter Obi out of the party; Wike was instrumental to the exit of Obi because Wike had promoted the zoning of the presidency to the south,” he said.

“Atiku Abubakar had said that he was prepared to get himself off the ticket if the party zoned the ticket to the Southeast.

“Wike frustrated that effort because he believed that if it was zoned to the south, not the southeast, he would be in the best position to be able to get the ticket.”

NCFront’s endorses the move

The National Consultative Front (NCFront), a prominent consortium of opposition forces, has endorsed Obi’s efforts to unify leading opposition leaders. NCFront spokesperson Mallam Hamisu San Turaki praised Obi’s “deft political moves” and revealed ongoing efforts to unite Atiku, Obi, and Rabiu Kwakwanso into a formidable opposition front. 

The group aims to establish a new ideological mega-political movement by March 2025, prioritizing national salvation over individual political ambitions.

According to the group, these strategic consultations are a precursor to a series of activities planned by a newly established committee. This committee aims to facilitate and coordinate the realignment and fusion of leading opposition leaders and forces toward creating a new political ideology.

The group stated that this realignment and fusion process is expected to result in the formation of an alternative Mega Political Movement for Nigerians by March 2025. Additionally, it will prioritize the mobilization of like-minded political leaders and forces across the country into a unified ideological mega-political platform, regardless of their current political party affiliations.

“To this extent, the question of merger of political parties is relegated to the background as secondary and can only be entertained if it becomes necessary after the formation of the new mega party by like-minded political leaders and groups in the country,” the group said.

It added that it has set up “[The committee] billed to Flag off the process of its political realignment and intervention next month by hosting major consultative meetings with leading opposition Presidential Candidates in the country, especially Atiku Abubakar, Peter Obi, and Rabiu Musa Kwakwanso.

“This is to be followed by joint national intervention meetings and summit of like-minded political leaders and groups in the country on the state of Nigeria, as a prelude to initiating a broad-based ideological and value-driven political movement and ultra Mega political party to save Nigeria from growing misrule of the APC.”

Regarding the question of who will be the candidate for the new movement in 2027, the group stated that this decision has already been set aside and “will only be discussed and popularly resolved after the formation of the mega movement.”

The group added that the leading presidential candidates from the 2023 elections, along with other key political figures involved in the consultationshave agreed to set aside their individual political ambitions. Their focus is on forming a strong opposition movement capable of rescuing the nation from a looming crisis.

Impact on the 2027 Election

Political analysts believe that a potential alliance between Atiku and Obi could significantly alter the dynamics of the 2027 presidential election. They said the duo, combining their political clout and support bases could present a formidable challenge to the APC, especially if they manage to unify other opposition figures and parties. 

Their shared history and mutual respect, as indicated by past collaborations and recent interactions, suggest a strong foundation for such an alliance.

However, many note that the success of this alliance will depend on several factors, including the resolution of internal party conflicts, the establishment of a clear and unified platform, and the ability to present a cohesive vision to the electorate. 

Additionally, analysts said that navigating the complexities of Nigeria’s political terrain, with its regional and ethnic sensitivities, will be crucial.

However, both analysts and party members have expressed their conviction that if successful, an Atiku-Obi alliance could harness the dissatisfaction with the current administration and mobilize a broad coalition of voters seeking change. They note that their focus on addressing poverty and improving living conditions resonates with many Nigerians, potentially expanding their appeal beyond traditional party lines.

While the path to a formalized alliance is fraught with challenges, the potential impact on the 2027 election is profound. It is believed that a united opposition, spearheaded by experienced and respected leaders like Atiku and Obi, could reshape Nigeria’s political future and provide a viable alternative to the APC’s dominance. 

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