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On Gender-Based Violence and the Call for its Elimination

On Gender-Based Violence and the Call for its Elimination

From November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women to December 10 being the Human Rights Day is the sixteen days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. It is a time to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls around the world.

Undoubtedly, no society in existence can be said to be complete if a woman is yet to be found in it, regardless of its nature or size. We can testify to this fact by considering how a woman came into the world.

Of course it is no longer news that having created man, God the creator thought it wise to form a woman from the rib of a man. This was so because God realized what benefit a woman could be to a man in any society/arena he finds himself.

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A family for instance – a nuclear family precisely, which remains the smallest society on earth, can never strive successfully or attain to its anticipated height if a woman is missing. Realistically, a family cannot be formed in the first place if a woman is nowhere to be found.

Having formed a family with the help of a woman, if she eventually dies, the affected family will live to suffer the vacuum her eternal demise has created. This implies that, psychologically, no widower can boast of being a happy man, especially a situation where the late wife left some kids behind.

Sometimes, even when the widower has gotten married to another woman, provided the late wife left some indelible footprints on the sand of time, he shall remain in an unending emotional trauma, perhaps for eternity. In such a situation, it is only his creator that can provide a lasting succour.

Ab initio, the womenfolk has been considered to constitute the integral part of the wider society. It is obvious that a social union cannot achieve an effective goal if the female members aren’t carried along. It might sound a bit controversial but the truth remains that nature has ordained a woman to be the most attractive being in any society she belongs to.

This is the reason whenever a social group of people intends to pay a courtesy visit to a certain office holder, if they fail to include at least a female member among the delegates, the said outing might end up fruitless. This is so, because the presence of a woman has a natural tendency of arresting the heart of any man irrespective of who he is.

The political terrain is not left out. Any man occupying a political position could boldly testify that his beloved wife is the reason he is thriving assiduously and successfully. This implies a woman is in charge of any leadership position, though her impact might seem invisible.

The advisory role, both morally and otherwise, a woman plays in the life of her spouse who occupies a political post supersedes whatever counsel he receives from his appointees, friends, or well-wishers.

Considering the church, which is an institution as well as one of the oldest societies across the globe, there’s no need reiterating that its sustainability from the outset has been possible owing to the effort of the womenfolk.

Noting that women are closer to the church, the easiest way to conscientize a married man, or any man whatsoever, toward the uplift of a church project is through the woman in his life, since it is obvious a woman has the key to a man’s heart.

Similarly, a woman has been proven to be more pious than a man. This is the reason she remains the engine room towards the uplift of the children’s spiritual lives. It is worth noting that someone or a family whose spiritual life is porous is apparently living like a tree without roots.

Frankly, the role of a woman both in her immediate and wider society cannot be overemphasized. From the aforementioned facts, it can be pinpointed that without a woman, the children cannot be properly raised, be it morally, academically, religiously, and what have you; a man’s social, political and emotional life shall remain incapacitated and in shambles; above all, the affected society would remain seemingly stagnant and retrogressive in its day-to-day activity.

In view of the above analysis, as Nigeria joins the rest of the world to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, it is our civic responsibility to ensure that women or girls whom are ubiquitously vulnerable owing to their nature are duly respected and safeguarded at all cost, with a view to strengthening our respective societies and the nation at large.

We can contribute our quotas, either individually or collectively, by acknowledging that women are the backbone of any society in existence. We can showcase our respective supports in all fora we find ourselves.

It is estimated that about 35% of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual violence by a non-partner at some points in their lives. On the other hand, some studies show that up to 70% has experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner.

It’s noteworthy that, either domestic or not, such form of violence has lingered in various countries, particularly Nigeria, thus making people insinuate that it is an acceptable tradition.

Violence against women/girls is a human rights violation. It’s a consequence of discrimination against women both in law and in practice, and of persisting inequalities between men and women. It arguably impedes progress in many areas of human endeavour including poverty eradication, curbing contagious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, strengthening peace and security, thereby crippling nation building.

The monster, which continued to be a global pandemic, is not inevitable. Prevention is possible and essential too. Everyone has a responsibility to prevent and end violence against women and girl children, starting by challenging the culture of discrimination that allows it to exist.

Legislation also has a vital role to play. There ought to be a stiff law to ensure that anyone at all levels found guilty of any violence against women/girls to include rape, battering, female genital mutilation, subjection into prostitution, or what have you, is duly brought to book. Violence like rape deserves life imprisonment, or any other form of capital punishment, because such ruthless act can lead to murder.

Parents and guardians on their part should equally cough up reasonable time for their wards, particularly the female folks, to enable them know their left from right when they grow up.

The various schools should as well revive their guidance and counselling unit towards providing the needed guideline and caution for both the male and female students. The schools can create a strong impact via this measure.

The religious bodies are not left out in this crusade. They are expected to devote much time in letting the worshippers realize the dangers inherent in the menace. They ought to equally create enough time to preach salvation rather than material prosperity as it is presently the case.

Women and society are interwoven. If you remove either of them, the other one would be ostensibly meaningless. Needless to say that the former is as crucial as the latter, thus must be treated as such at all times.

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