On LinkedIn – Follow and Hashtag 3 for Opportunities

On LinkedIn – Follow and Hashtag 3 for Opportunities

I do get many requests here for referrals – many, from local and international organizations. So, to engage our community, every Wednesday, I will do what I will call Follow & Hashtag 3. Simply, (1) Follow me here (2) Hashtag 3 of your top specialties or skills below.

At the moment, a friend in the U.S. is looking for a CEO for a tech startup in Nigeria. The person must have capacity to grow the business. They are already in Lekki, Lagos but they need growth. Sector is healthcare.

Another friend in Dubai wants an experienced Digital Marketing Manager to drive a well funded tech company in West Africa. Experience on enterprise marketing required.

Tekedia Institute wants to build a Learning Management System on WordPress for Tekedia Mini-MBA (our members asked for it, we’ve listened). We are looking for proposals. This solution will be hosted at school.tekedia.com when completed.

Now, follow Ndubuisi Ekekwe and hashtag your 3 top skills below.


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