Onyemelonu Michael Shares His Vision Towards the Safety and Security Awareness in Nigeria

Onyemelonu Michael Shares His Vision Towards the Safety and Security Awareness in Nigeria

Safety at schools, homes, work and social gatherings can never be underestimated. It is important to keep everyone safe. The duty of the government of any country is to ensure that her citizens are safe.

However, despite the importance, many still don’t see the need for it in Africa, Nigeria to be precise. Hence, little or no awareness is raised about it.

Michael has taken it upon himself to make a difference. He has agreed to be an ambassador for safety and awareness in this course. He explained the passion, commitment and as well as challenges in this pursuit in my latest interview with him.

Can you introduce yourself to the audience?

My name is Onyemelonu Michael. I am an advocate for Child safety and awareness mainly targeted at schools, homes and social gatherings.

Thanks for the brief introduction. If I may ask, what led you into being an advocate for child safety and awareness?

I’ve always had a passion for safety cultures. And as regards that safety is always preached about at workplaces neglecting crucial and important people, especially children, teens and parents. I want to make an impact in the lives of these youngsters by helping them understand and imbibe safety as a culture.

Minor and major accidents at school homes and social gatherings really inspired me to be an advocate of child safety

That’s a good course. Do you have your own organization?

Yes, I do. It is known as the Safety Awareness Initiative.

It’s a new (baby) organisation still at an Entry market level.

 It is targeted at educating teachers and students at schools, parents and children at homes, as well as everyone at social gatherings on the importance of safety.

Have you ever carried out any task so far and if yes, what was it?

Yes I have done that several times. In fact, during the Christmas season, last year, I sensitized, and educated people on safety cultures and practices.

At social events, two of them being churches.

What has been your challenge so far with running your organization?

People not seeing the need/importance of safety. (Poor awareness of safety in this part of the globe). 

However, the above is what is fueling my drive to continue with this Safety Awareness Initiative

How do you intend to tackle this?

Amongst my strategic system of tackling this is:

? My interview with you which I believe and know will create an awareness to people especially those that are social media and internet literates

? Volunteering to Educate and propagate SAI at schools homes and social gathering 

?Meet with community heads, School Owners and parents (Families) to discuss how activities and programs can be created so we can reach out to the people

? Use social media platforms

Do you have a team you work with?

Yes, I have a team of 5 persons comprising mainly of my family members for now.

I can imagine. That’s a smart move by the way. Do you have a website or social media page? 

I don’t have one yet. I use my social media platforms to publicize what I do. LinkedIn Facebook and Whatsapp.

Can you share the handles, please?

LinkedIn profile is here.

Where do you see your organization in the next five years?

In the next five years SAI would have become an 89% household name in the HSE Industry. 

In the next five years without limitations, I would have achieved the implementation of safety culture and practices in the homes, schools and public gatherings in my community and neighbouring communities. This would give room for job opportunities or employment to recent graduates and volunteering services for students who are interested. I would have this done through a structured systematic plans of continuous safety culture/practices  taught, measured and evaluated at the above mentioned places.

Social media platforms will be one of the many tools I will use to reach out to the targeted audience in my community and the society at large.

Safety is not just a practice it is a culture.

Thank you, Michael for your time. I wish you a wonderful year ahead.

Thanks Chinedu for making time out of your busy schedules to have this interview with me. I really do appreciate.

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