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Fasmicro NativBit – A New Dawn In SMS-Based Mobile Subscription Business Model

Dear Nigerian Newspaper executive,


Fasmicro has created a technology, NativBit for newspapers and magazines in Nigeria. It is mobile based subscription system that enables users to send SMS to a shortcode and immediately they have access to contents on their tablets. Right now, we have a demo on our own Ovim tablet. For more on this, read our blog.


Guardian Nigeria is the most popular apps in our appstore . More people are downloading and reading their newspapers via apps. If your newspaper or magazines needs an app, please contact [email protected]

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There are technologies we develop: Android (our preferred because it is growing), Blackberry, Java Mobile, Apple iOS and Symbian. When we make your apps, you enjoy the following:

  1. It will be hosted free on our appstore
  2. It will be hosted free in our Google Android market
  3. We will load is automatically to all Ovim tablets so that more people will read your newspaper
  4. We will help you sync your daily contents to your readers


Meanwhile, if you need to get a copy of Ovim tablet, visit our site here


We look forward to a partnership opportunity with you.




Fasmicro Team

Owerri, Nigeria

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