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OpenAI Launches Upgraded Version of ChatGPT And A Desktop Version

OpenAI Launches Upgraded Version of ChatGPT And A Desktop Version

American Artificial Intelligence (AI) research organization OpenAI, has launched an upgraded version of its chatbot ChatGPT, as well as a desktop version.

OpenAI says the updated model will provide capabilities to everyone that were previously only available to paid users.

Announcing the launch of GPT-4o, Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati said this is the first time the company is making a huge step forward when it comes to ease of use. She added that OpenAI wants to remove some of the “mysticism from the technology”.

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In her words,

“We know that these models are getting more and more complex, but we want the experience of interaction to become more natural, and easy, and for you not to focus on the Ul at all, but just focus on the collaboration with GPTs. An important part of our mission is being able to make our advanced Al tools available to everyone for free.”

The newly launched version comes with upgraded functionality and improvements in text, audio, and visual. One of the standout features of GPT-4o is its voice mode, which represents a significant advancement in conversational Al technology. Users can now engage with ChatGPT in a manner akin to interacting with a personal assistant, using the chatbot’s ability to seamlessly transition between text, voice, and visual inputs.

The new model also comes with improved speed quality of ChatGPT for 50 different languages and is also available via OpenAl’s API so that developers can build applications using the new model.

Demonstrating the new audio capabilities, OpenAl researcher Mark Chen said the model has the capability to “perceive human emotion, adding that the model can also handle users interrupting it. The chatbot can also analyze users’ facial expressions to comment on the emotions the person may be experiencing.

OpenAI Team members also demonstrated the model’s ability to solve math equations and help write code, positioning it as a stronger competitor to Microsoft’s own.

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“For OpenAl, it’s one of the company’s biggest announcements since its August launch of ChatGPT Enterprise, the Al chatbot’s business tier. That tool was in development for “under a year” and had the help of more than 20 companies of varying sizes and industries”, OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap said.

OpenAI rollout of GPT 4 has intensified competition in the chatbot industry. Since the launch of the chatbot, it has sparked a frantic rush to get new AI products to market, a frenzy that is consuming tech’s biggest behemoths and countless startups as they fight for space in the emerging sector.

In April this year, giant tech company Meta unveiled the latest version of its large language model (LLM), the technology behind generative AI chatbots, as the tech giant looks to take on ChatGPT. Called Llama 3, Meta said the latest version of the model is smarter and faster, as well as supporting “improved reasoning.”

Meta is one of several big tech firms fighting to challenge market leader OpenAI, whose ChatGPT has become the most prominent of the new generation of generative AI tools.

OpenAI announced it’s rolling out GPT-4 Omni or GPT-4o, a new, faster, more “emotive” model with significantly boosted voice, vision and text capabilities that will be free to all users. In several demos during Monday’s livestream, Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati and her team showcased impressive real-time interactivity that lets users engage with ChatGPT in conversation, much like having an assistant that can pick up on emotions. It can also “see” photos or screens, for example, and quickly answer questions about them. Murati said GPT-4o will debut “iteratively” across developer and consumer-facing products over the next few weeks.

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