Organizational Psychology for Business Growth At Tekedia Institute

Organizational Psychology for Business Growth At Tekedia Institute

One of my best subjects in the university and which reminded me that I had left the secondary school level was Philosophy and Logic. Yes, except that course, everything in the first year in the university was done in the final year in secondary school. First semester mathematics and physics were largely Further Mathematics in secondary school. With Philosophy, the professor took us into excursions on the fundamentals of knowledge!

So, in the leadership program  in Tekedia Mini-MBA, I have been looking for how to bring psychology, a distant practical cousin, in our curriculum. But that psychology must focus on how to drive business growth and innovation. I promise you one thing: finding experts in that domain is not an easy matter.

But as always, we got blessed. A business psychologist and the managing psychologist at the Institute of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and a KPMG alum, has joined our faculty. Anthony Alagbile CPsychol, CPLP earned an M.Ed in Mind, Brain and Education from Harvard University. He graduated from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University with First Class degree. 

How do you lead? How do you build a company culture? Speaking with him was another knowledge excursion; a really brilliant man.

Mr. Alagbile is developing a course on organization psychology and how it could help businesses tp thrive. 

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