Our California-Based Startup Files U.S. Patents

Our California-Based Startup Files U.S. Patents

Our California-based oil & gas sector digital technology startup has filed a couple of patents. Yes, it has been a busy season at the US Patent Office. The patents are on Integrated Autonomous Bidding Agent (ABA)  Architecture – allowing Sellers participate in an almost infinite number of simultaneous bids at lightning speed; Quote Broadcast & Rank (QBR) technology – a multivariate bid processing technology with capacity to request and process thousands of bids per second; the Integrated Digital Escrow & Release Handshake Module etc., all features that together combine to deliver Ninja-level trading capabilities for our Users.

We Added A New Company In Our Portfolio

Our goal is to build the intelligent engine for Current Energy and New Energy by harnessing computational capabilities, repositioned by software and unleashed to remove information asymmetry, improving orchestration at the demand-supply interface. Series, calculus and complex mathematics, etc provide the heart.

Thank you Mathematics. Thank you “the beautiful science of numbers”.


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