Overcome Your Teen’s Stress With The Parental Control App for Android Phones

Overcome Your Teen’s Stress With The Parental Control App for Android Phones

Do you find it difficult to make your teen wakeup early in the morning for school? Do you have to call them at least 3 times and after 3 cycles of waking him up every 5 minutes, he is finally up and now rushing for school. Is this an everyday routine in your house? Do your teens always look irritated and complain of having a headache all the time? The reasons could be sleep deprivation, peer pressure, maintaining a body image and many more. Parents nowadays put so much pressure on their teens to ace studies and social life at the same time that they may not even find time to relax themselves.

Sure you’re thinking that everybody is stressed these days, and you push them for their own good, plus how stressed can teens be? But think again, because teens today are as stressed as adults! A recent report by Los Angeles Times shows that on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least stressed and 10 being the most), stress in teenagers was reported 5.8 while average stress in adults was reported 5.1. That is even slightly higher than grownups! Even without the worries of having a job, taking care of family, mortgage and other adult worries they are as stressed as you. Imagine how stressful would their adult life be at this rate. After this it is no shock that 1/3 of US teens have considered suicide!

This can be very concerning for parents, not only are teens sleep deprived and stressed due to studies, but also because they are up all night on their cell phones. Teens tend to spend all their spare time scrolling them, it is important that they spend less time on their phones and more time sleeping at night. You can use many ways to reduce the time they spend on their smartphones, but a smart way would be use parental control app for Android to reduce their phone usage and counter technology with technology.

But first have a look at these symptoms to determine whether your teen is stressed or not:

Symptoms of teen stress:

  • Irritability
  • Frequent headaches
  • Queasiness
  • Weariness
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Bad temper
  • Pessimistic views

You can also ask your teen to take this stress test to find out their level of stress. If the results indicate that your teen is even moderately stressed; it is important that you take steps to ensure that your teen is safe from further problems. As too much stress can lead to depression and has many adverse health effects. So what can you do to ensure to relieve your teen of stress?

Parental controls are here to help:

Keeping your teens up-to-date with the latest technology is important but teens tend to get addicted to their smartphones or iPhones which is not healthy. But taking away their phones or repeatedly telling them to leave their phones will only increase their stress and damage the bond between you two. So why not join the smart parenting group and turn to parental control apps for help? There are many apps in the market but the most popular one with parents these days is FamilyTime. FamilyTime not only lets you monitor your teens online and offline, but also lets you control the time your teens spend on their phones. You can download this app for free from iTunes and from your Google Play Store.

FamilyTime lets you remotely lock your teen phone from your online Dashboard and disable their phone. You can use this feature to lock their phones during study and sleep hours as they tend to easily get distracted or are just addicted to their phones. Also when you lock their phone you will receive an activation code, and your teens cannot use their phones until that code is entered on their child app. This means no out smarting you!

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