Ovim Health – Remote Monitoring of Heart Patients in Nigeria

Mobile-Based Integrated Heart Monitoring System is still on course to hit stores.  This product will enable doctors and hospitals obtain heart beat or professionally ECG signals of patients remotely. Heart disease is the #1 killer in the world and we understand that if patients can be remotely wired and appropriately monitored by experts, more lives will be saved.


The system comes with a Bluetooth-based device that transmits physiological signals captured by electrodes. It is a wearable device that does not in any form obstruct the normal life of the patient. As the sensors pick the heart signals, they are amplified and processed.  Through the Bluetooth interface, the data is sent wirelessly to Ovim Tablet. We are developing an Android based App that will show all the results in the tablet.  This technology is non invasive and does not pose any single health risk.  From Ovim, the patient can send to his/her doctor or a central database. We have designed this system so that the data can be linked to the patient mobile-based electronic medical records (mEMR) which we are presently offering in the country.


We are offering this service to hospitals in Nigeria and governments that want to track and support elderly patients. We want to eliminate the stress of asking someone to travel 6 hours for a 5 minute medical checkup when that can be acquired remotely.


Together with our mobile-based Electronic Medical Records, these two companies are poised to change healthcare delivery in Nigeria. That is why we are giving the nation Ovim Tablet. Owing this magical device is opening opportunities that will not be possible if we have to depend on 3rd party platforms.


This product will still have to pass through Nigeria Medical Association certification. We have already started all the necessary procedures. But we are confident that it will pass since it is designed to comply with all international standards. And it will be very affordable. Also, the system is non-invasive


*Ovim is a product of Microscale and Fasmicro. Ovim Health is a health solution under Ovim tablet.

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