Parts, Kits, Tutorials, Forums, Tools And More – This Is Where To Find Them Online

The internet has become indispensable to our lives as humans and more so as professionals in a global market.


I had a friend post on Facebook “how can I obtain ENERGY from FREQUENCY PULSES” and he got the response “ By boiling the frequency pulses in a pot for over 30mins”


When he told me, I thought to myself “what do you expect when you post a technical question on a social network like Facebook?”


As professionals, we always need to know where to find it online. This is a short list of some of the best online tech forums, please feel free to update this list with some that you know.


Programming Forums

This is an awesome platform for everyone into everything, including programmers. News has it that in some quarters, ones “reputation” on stack exchange actually helped secure a job. The forum is unique in its layout, and loaded with professionals in practically every programming language and field.


In addition, there are sister-sites called stackexchange sites like,, and others. The stackexchange sites can be accessed from the top right corner of the stackoverflow site.

This is one of the fastest growing design engineering communities, with links to ask professionals, discussion board, blogs, design works, and so many other things.

This is an awesome site with advanced tutorials on cutting edge technology, constant webinars, trainings schedules, conference informations and the whole works.


For beginners to intermediate embedded forums, check out the following I have been using this site since my second year as an undergraduate and it has been great

Of course a good place to find datasheets, application notes (these are one of the most relevant information you could get on any product) and latest information, visit manufacturer websites and forums. From these sites you can easily find information and data sheets on chips, microcontrollers, application notes, sample codes, code libraries and much other useful information. for texas instrument for microchip for a wonderful range of development boards on various microcontrollers and peripherals like touch panel displays, GMS/GPRS/GPS modems, sensors, PLC kits, compilers, etc for everything you need or ARM based chips for cypress series of MCUs and the interesting PSOCs for maxim chips,


Application programming is not left out, as we also have

Android Developer

where you can find practically everything you need to start up with android development. The good thing is the entire website including the complete SDK, samples, tutorials, and complete android documentation can be downloaded  from the download section on the home page.


The Java Tutorials

This provides a wonderful tutorial on Java development. The entire site with all detailed explanation, tutorials and a long list of sample codes can also be download free from the website.

Various other resources about for all other programming languages and design platforms.


I’m yet to find a single question that I couldn’t get an answer to online, so let’s maximize the resources of the web.


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