Patenting AI Models

Patenting AI Models

The men who invented mathematics made them free. But that has not stopped companies who largely apply mathematics in patenting their works. The idea which has been reported on how IBM plans to patent AI (artificial intelligence) models is fascinating: they want to fudge and confuse others.

In an effort to protect intellectual property associated with AI model development, IBM is researching methods of watermarking using Deep Neural Networks (or DNNs). To embed the watermark, the team has developed three algorithms so far which either embed meaningful content, irrelevant data samples, or noise in the into the training data sets. So far these have been successful at delivering an “unexpected but controlled response,” validating ownership without the need to access the parameters of the model directly. (source: Diamadis newsletter)

It is still the same model: it takes efforts to move from an inventive society into an innovative one. And if they go ahead and patent these technologies, the next phase of human development will be set even before it starts. Africa needs to work harder because the exponential impact of AI will redesign industrial sectors and systems at a greater level than what we have ever experienced.

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