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Home Latest Insights | News Peiter Zatko’s Twitter Revelation and Why God of Money Likes Elon Musk

Peiter Zatko’s Twitter Revelation and Why God of Money Likes Elon Musk

Peiter Zatko’s Twitter  Revelation and Why God of Money Likes Elon Musk

Some people are brilliant. Some are also lucky. When you combine both, legends emerge. Elon Musk is smiling as Twitter’s former security chief makes Musk’s case: bots everywhere in Twitter. And just like that, an ironclad case against Musk which has been billed to begin in October looks weak for Twitter.

Twitter had gone to court to compel Musk to buy the company, after the billionaire had abandoned the plan, on the grounds of bots. But from nowhere, Peiter Zatko (ex-security head of Twitter) whistled and magically instead of Elon Musk having to defend himself in the court, it is Twitter that has to defend itself before regulators – and the court.

Mr. Zatko also alleges that Twitter does not reliably delete users’ data after they cancel their accounts, in some cases, due to the fact that the company had lost track of information. He disclosed that Twitter executives do not have the resources needed to fully understand the actual number of bots on its platform, and were not even motivated to do so despite Elon Musk’s inquiry.

Zatko was reported to have been sacked by Twitter in January, when the company claimed that he failed to carry out his duty efficiently. He however issued a rebuttal to this claim, by revealing that his public whistleblowing comes after he attempted to fix the security lapses to Twitter’s board and to help the company fix years of technical shortcomings and alleged non-compliance with an earlier privacy agreement with the federal trade commission.

Like I pray when I wake up or about to sleep daily: Oh Lord, as you send your angels on assignments today or tonight to bless, remember me, and release blessings even when I am not able to make a case why I deserve any. People, this guy’s revelation is going to save Elon Musk from buying an overpriced blue bird. With this support, Elon can visit Ovim and with just $10,000, we can give him 1,000 blue birds. That would be a better outcome for the billionaire!

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Elon Musk lawyers have also added the whistleblower account in the court filing. This is “godsend”.


Elon Musk’s attorneys brought new allegations from a whistleblower to court Wednesday as additional ammo in their longshot case to walk away from buying social media giant Twitter.

The explosive whistleblower complaint became a talking point for Musk’s attorneys throughout the testy hour-and-a-half hearing, which was scheduled for the attorneys to request more information on Twitter’s data on spam and bots — the key point in Musk’s claim that he was misled and can therefore back out of the deal. The complaint, which was obtained by The Washington Post and cited by Musk’s attorneys, alleges egregious security deficiencies and ineffective methods for counting bots at the social media giant.

For Musk’s lawyers, it was the opening salvo in a strategy that is expected to lean more heavily on the claims of whistleblower Peiter Zatko, Twitter’s former head of security.

“Mr. Zatko, who was responsible for much of this — including processing and removing various spam bots — he was not some low-level employee,” said Musk’s attorney Alex Spiro. “He was one of the top handful of officers in the company.”


Twitter Lied To Elon Musk About Bots – Peiter Zatko, Ex Security Chief


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3 THOUGHTS ON Peiter Zatko’s Twitter Revelation and Why God of Money Likes Elon Musk

  1. Twitter’s saga is just giving some insights into many of the things we call great companies or institutions, it’s always about information control and messaging; what you see from the outside are well painted sepulchers.

    Twitter has always punched above its own weight, its very existence remains largely a political tool than a business endeavour. If Musk didn’t decide to shake some tables, we would have all carried on as normal, while still having our respective reservations on what the company truly embodies.

    The scam is so overwhelming that the whistle-blower declared Twitter irredeemable, the only difference here is that Twitter is not the only corporate entity on this inglorious table. When the public learned a bit about the fraud at Wells Fargo, its position as the largest bank flipped, while others did their bit to cover their tracks for now.

    We don’t need to bring Nigeria’s financial institutions into this conversation, for the interest of relative peace, at least for now…

  2. How the tables have turned. When your star player gets kicked off the team and his case becomes the primary strategy of the opposition.

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