Perception Demand

Perception Demand

The weather looks great today. I am wishing you a wonderful day at work. Go out there and fix a core market friction not just by focusing on meeting the needs of your customers but their expectations and perceptions. Make them Customers and not just consumers. By elevating the game of meeting their perceptions, you would create a category-king business, creating a new basis of competition which could potentially transform our nation via disruptions. Make it Happen and create a Perception Demand.

Perception Demand is very risky: you think without much learning curves decoupled from aligning scaling and market demand. But when you add “Stimulating” before it, you have a construct, Stimulating Perception Demand, which focuses on existing trajectories in the markets and how to take them to the next level, and around there massively get many fans to connect. Here, you have seen how the products in the markets are doing. You just want to take them to the next level. The product operates at perception level, but even with that, you must stimulate demand at new heights

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