Polaris Bank Nigeria – What Happened To My Money?

Polaris Bank Nigeria – What Happened To My Money?

Banks are known to be the safest place to keep our hard earned money. But what happens when the easiest way to lose your money is by keeping it in a bank. This calls the Nigerian banking system into question.

The Nigerian banking sector is a sector that needs to be scrutinized by the government. Perhaps, we need a rise in the standard of the banking sector in the country. Many times, people have complained about poor customer service experienced in some of the Nigerian banks. Many had lost their hard-earned money with no reasonable explanation to back it up from the bank.

I had no idea how it feels like to lose your money overnight until I lost twenty thousand and four hundred naira in my Polaris bank account. Perhaps, I thought it was a mistake. I assumed It would be rectified soon. I waited for forty eight hours but nothing happened.

After waiting for one week, I visited the bank to lodge my complaint. The customer care representative asked me to write a letter which would be forwarded to the headquarters in Lagos. Which I did. He assured me of getting to the root of the matter in seven days.

Two weeks after, I didn’t get a reply. I visited again and lodged the same complaint. Again, I was asked to write another letter. I complied and waited for another one week. Nothing happened. There was no feedback as well. I visited for the third time. This time around, it was at the branch where I opened the account.

The cashier looked into my account and asked me to write another letter. I became uninterested and decided to call it a day. I had to face reality and admitted that the money was actually gone.

Till date, I never heard from them. It makes me wonder if they actually investigated the matter. I regretted banking with Polaris Bank.

If banks are not safe to keep our money, then we are in trouble in this country.

We can’t continue to lose our hard-earned money overnight. At least, give us an explanation. Show us that you care. I wasn’t the only one who complained about Polaris bank. Some of my friends also shared their stories.

Muyiwa Adeogun said, “I have stopped using that bank. They are not competent anymore. I noticed that ever since they changed from Skye Bank to Polaris Bank, it’s always been a drama with them. My money was deducted and I never got a refund or explanation. So I changed to another bank.”

Kayode Oladokun also said almost the same thing, “Polaris Bank is the last bank I would recommend for my enemy. I don’t see that bank surviving in the next five years. I have withdrawn all my money. Ever since they changed name, they lost their value.”

They always say customer feedback is essential to the company’s growth. I hope Polaris Bank will take these feedbacks seriously. I am not putting down Polaris Bank. I stand to gain nothing from doing so. But being a customer who has also experienced the worst customer service, I would love to share my dissatisfaction with their service so they can improve to serve us better. Till date, I don’t have an ATM card to my account and I can’t even use the Polaris Mobile app. Polaris bank needs to do more for the customers. Better still, you can bring back our Skye Bank.

Long live Polaris Bank!

Long live Nigeria!

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