President Goodluck Jonathan– Fire your webmaster, a Nigerian company deserves that Job

First, I am not a politician or an agent of one. I am just a free man loving my country and asking for change in my own way.

Dr.  Goodluck Jonathan is the leader of Nigeria and who wants to give young Nigerians jobs. He is a good man. A nice man!  A really smart person! A teacher! He is honest. He is a great man. He has earned all he is today. I am happy to call him my President. In my house, I have his photo. In my office, I have the flag of the nation he vowed to defend. Mr. President. My Commander in Chief, I salute you. I like him. I even want to work for you because you are always happy and who will not!

But in one major way, he annoys me. I have asked his campaign managers that our president cannot outsource his website design when there are many young folks doing same in Lagos, Abuja, Uyo, Kano, etc. Those guys just refuse to listen. I do not know why?

Why must everything be foreign? Even a website! What is so big about it that a Nigerian company cannot do it?  Do not tell me that it is owned by a Nigerian living in UK. Who cares? Until the company pays taxes in Nigeria, he has no company in Nigeria. Of course, I do not know the owner of the company and I do not care. It is the President I am writing here.

Mr President, can do it free if the British guys did it free. I guess you gave them the job because maybe they are offering it free. We will match them.  We can host it free at if you need that help. It is not a great idea to give that to a foreign firm when there are boys that can get a job doing that.

I write this will all respect to your office and with total support of your office, but I hate to visit that site and be reminded that none of the Nigerian firms is fit enough to do that site. This site you are reading this blog,, was built within three hours by a graduate of your nation. It took him two hours and another one hour to get the logo and all things done.  There is nothing in making websites.  The boys are everywhere in Lagos!

We need support Mr President. Nigerian companies need support. For how long with our doctors treat the patients that cannot pay while the rich ones go to America and France for checkups. I see them all the time – thank God for them. But we need a future and this election must change that. We believe you and please let us think Nigeria.

They get the best dress in Fifth Avenue – the Aba tailors are not good.  Who said so? All those Saks or whatever are just humans. They started low and with support our guys can do well. We need to feel Nigeria in many more ways, Mr President.

But for all, we need the President to fire his webmaster today and give that contract to a Nigerian company. That is how to show you care to create jobs. A New Jersey mayor was criticized because he shopped for a shirt outside the state. Why? The citizens felt buying in New Jersey could create jobs at home.  I agree, that one is extreme.  My President dresses well in his native attire and it is always great to watch.

Many of us that have invested and hired graduates are just trying to help the nation. If we stay here in our cozy homes in America, you will blame us that we are not thinking home. But when we bring the skills home, I will hate for you to start pursuing UK for a simple campaign website. Ask me, I will send 20 companies in Lagos that can do that job – even better.

Again, I salute and wish all the very best in LIFE to you. You are my President. Do not be offended in any way. I am just from the academia where we are free to express opinions and I hope you understand my point. God bless you and the Nation you lead.

Remember,  if Obama does this and gives his campaign site to someone in Canada, he will lose his election! Of course, you are not Obama, but I know you have got him on your side. So you share a vision. Just inferring that some leaders think alike! Get that site home and one graduate could get a full-time job. That is how we should do it!

You cannot outsource the platform through which you are making a promise to Nigeria. Your website is your campaign office – it is the other ‘workplace’. It is your virtual land and today, it is in ‘United Kingdom’ and I am sure you want it to be in Nigeria.



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