Tekedia Print Media Alliance – Outsource Your Tech News To Tekedia

Tekedia has completed its long awaited Print Media Alliance strategy. We plan to become the Associated Press of tech news in Nigeria and then Africa by providing distributed tech news to newspapers that cannot afford technology news editors. For a monthly fee, they will have access to Tekedia.com and can re-publish any content they want. They will also have the rights to customize to match their medium.


For another small fee, our editors will provide them with customized tech contents daily for their newspapers. Better, we can do that weekly since in Nigeria, there are dedicated days in the week for tech news.


Al these services are available immediately and our first customer is coming from a local newspaper in Imo State, Nigeria.

Tekedia Mini-MBA (Sep 12 – Dec 3 2022) has started; registration continuesRegister here. Cost is N60,000 or $140 for the 12-week program. Beat early bird for free books and other bonuses. 


Print media do not need an in-house tech editor. Outsourced all to Tekedia. The good aspect of this is that Tekedia will make this content largely unique to your newspaper.


We are excited in serving our first customer in Nigeria and we look for more opportunities across the nation and indeed the continent.


Interested print media should contact us at [email protected] for pricing. It is very very affordable. We are not looking for the Guardians and Vanguards of this world, we are looking for regional and local newspapers with tight budgets.





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