Private Client Services: Startup Growth [Apply]; 24/7 Access to Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Private Client Services: Startup Growth [Apply]; 24/7 Access to Ndubuisi Ekekwe

This is always open and ongoing. Email my team as noted below if you are interested.

I have a phone dedicated to startups we serve. It is a service we call Private Client Services: Startup Growth. It offers founders and entrepreneurs 24/7 access to me. We talk over hard business things, strategies, growth and wins. We bring our people, invisible but great, to make those wins happen.

One client per industry category – we work with unrivalled tenacity, bringing all our assets and networks to ensure growth takes place. It is hard to get in because we do not accept payments; we win only when you have won.

As you build, we want to work with you. We fly into Lagos early this week (again, this month) to serve the typical – big banks and telcos – and by next week, will be meeting startups. Though we come with humility to learn on what you do and have done, our value addition is unbounded.

We have advised Fortune 100 CEOs, and some in the richest 1% club. You will like to build with me. If you run a startup that utilizes technology, and looking for an invisible growth-maker, click and email my team.

Remember to Apply to Ndubuisi Ekekwe’s “Private Client Services: Startup Growth” – Have 24/7 Access to me.


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31 thoughts on “Private Client Services: Startup Growth [Apply]; 24/7 Access to Ndubuisi Ekekwe

    1. Dexplogit Global Services (DGS) · Edit

      Good day Prof,
      We, Dexplogit Global Services (DGS) will like to express our interest with all pleasure- we are a start-up Global Trade Professionals providing A-Z international Trade services,operations and advisory.

  1. I am very much interested but from a different angle. I dont have any startup for now but my passion lies in thinking and coming up with innovative ideas because I love doing that. I want to be an intern in your firm (Private Clients Services Startup Growth) with a view to building myself up and horning my idea generating skills as a highly-sought-after Knowledge Expert that will help grow startup the same way you have done for several start-ups.
    I wrote you earlier on LinkedIn about being a partner to one of your laudable tech initiative that will help State and Federal Government collect revenue with ease.
    I would appreciate it if given a favourable consideration.

  2. Hi Prof, I am interested in meeting you to discuss further ideas around the product we are creating which we believe is a game changer for work place environment. It will be a great honour and privilege to meet you one-on-one in order to share details of this product with you.


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