Problems of Overthinking – And How To Stop Overthinking

Problems of Overthinking – And How To Stop Overthinking

Overthinking can deprive you of the benefits of life because it could hinder your sleep and make you restless, undermine your work performance, and could even ruin you totally. It doesn’t only leave you mentally exhausted but also distressed.

It’s quite important to know that you can overcome this because overthinking is not a problem. In fact, the word “Overthinking” shouldn’t sound notorious to anyone. Overthinking shows you are human who is also going through life challenges just like everyone else. So don’t feel weird for overthinking; it is normal. However, dwelling too much on it could lead to serious problems.

Research shows that overthinking can trigger some parts of the brain that are involved in fear and anxiety. Think about yourself as a problem solver, your greatest asset, which is your mind could be attacked, affecting all your analytical decisions and making you unproductive and effective.

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Often times, you don’t know you are overthinking. Perhaps, it is unconscious to you. The few symptoms below could be warning signs to you.

Symptoms of overthinking could be:


  • Lack of sleep


It becomes difficult to sleep when the mind is cumbered with lots of thoughts and judgments. 


  • Gets tired easily


Since the body is being deprived of sleep, it gets tired easily. 


  • Trying to have total control of life


This is always as a result of overthinking. You always want to be in total control of life because it makes you feel safe. But in the real world, can you control everything about life? Life is meant to be lived. 


  • You are a perfectionist


You are obsessed about failures. You are always scared of trying something new. Break out of it. Failure is part of life. The lesson is always priceless. 


  • You lack self-esteem


Everything you say or do is never the best to you until you get validation from the outside. 


  • Fear of the future


No one knows what the future holds. We can only make judgments or predictions. When you start to fear the future, you are overthinking it. 

Adil Taher shares some major causes of the problems of overthinking:

  1. Your judgments get cloudy
  2. Stress level increases
  3. Too much time spent on negativity
  4. Hampers the growth
  5. Kills the creative side.

How can you overcome these issues?

According to Adil Taher, he shared some key points to overcoming the problem of ”overthinking”. 

  1. Optimism: Always be positive i.e. rather than thinking about what could go wrong, think about what would happen if things go well. Be optimistic. Create inception, an imaginary world where you are a winner. Nothing beats a positive mindset.
  2. Shun negativity: Try to distance yourselves from negativity. This could be negative situations or negative people. They suck up your energy. Rather try to get yourself into something new.
  3. Gratitude: Gratitude is key. Instead of concentrating on what you don’t have, be grateful for the ones you have. Appreciate God for what he has given to you. Remember, thousands would wish to be in your shoes. The best thing in life is life. Inasmuch as you are still alive, anything is possible. You are still in the race.
  4. See a Psychologist.

 Have a negative-free week.

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