Tips for Finding a Job in a New Environment

Tips for Finding a Job in a New Environment

Picture yourself in another country trying to find your feet. It is energy-draining  and also frustrating. Perhaps you have moved out in search of greener pastures. You’ll need time to understand the culture of your new environment and also learn how to develop a thick skin against any type of prejudice. I must tell you that it is not easy. 

It reminds me of my good friend, Ibukun, who stayed back in Anambra after our youth service program. We had both finished serving at the University of Azikiwe, Anambra; and we did well.

Ibukun is a First Class graduate in Foreign Languages (Majorly German and French) from Obafemi Awolowo University. 

However, all he did to get a job at his primary place of assignment was futile. He blamed the institution for being biased against him in their hiring process. He said 90 percent of the workforce in that state are indigene.

Do I blame the institution?

No! Every hiring manager or company always consider your present location during the hiring process.

Companies or hiring managers want people who already understand the culture and can hit the ground running. It all depends on the type of job as well. But always remember that prejudice cannot be taken away from the hiring process. So when it comes to finding a job, you need to do more. Especially for the non-local who had gone out of their comfort zone in search of greener pastures.

How to find a job as a non-local with no network?

Fatima Barry shared insight on this aspect.

She said, “99 percent of the content on LinkedIn always talk about the importance of networking to land a job. I agree that persistently applying to jobs online may not be an effective strategy, but also remember that not everyone has a network.” 

She furthered explained by sharing her personal experience with me. She relocated to the US in a couple of years back in search for greener pastures. Just like everyone else, it wasn’t easy. 

”I didn’t know anyone, let alone have a network. Also, I didn’t know how to effectively network in the US. After looking for jobs for a whole year with no luck; I redirected my strategy in investing in my personal development.” – Fatima Barry.

These are the tips she used during her personal development:

1- Have a clear vision for yourself: YOUR WHY?

A man who knows himself and understands his purpose will definitely know his destination.

A man’s destination can be found in his ’WHY’.

2- Learn the language

You don’t want to go to an interview without understanding the language of the interviewer. Such a candidate may never be considered.

3-  Volunteer

Volunteering has proven to be the easiest way to land jobs, especially in a new environment. It doesn’t require much to land volunteering roles. Instead of sitting and waiting endlessly, you could lay your hands on some jobs that require no experience.

4- Get a degree

To stand a chance of being considered for job opportunities, you might need to brush up on your academic qualifications. Since 70 percent of jobs always require a minimum of First degree.

5- Be optimistic and resilient

Build a tough skin as rejection is part of the hiring process. You must learn to be hopeful in all situations as life is not a bed of roses. That’s why it is called life. It has to be lived.

6- Be flexible

Relying solely on the certificate or a particular set of skills may be likened to putting all eggs in one basket. Be dynamic. Lay your hands on something new. Try different things and master it. You never know which one will pave the way for you.

7- Build meaningful relationships

The relationship is always key. It is everything. When building a connection online, ensure 80 percent of your connection is in line with your goals. It makes no sense to build a network that won’t serve you.

Fatima rounded up with this, ”employment opportunities will come if you know your value and invest in oneself. Don’t set yourself short. As Chinedu mentioned in his last article that behind every success, there is “time”; and “time” covers loss, pain, shame, rejection, tears and heartbreaks. Be patient and stay true to yourself as the journey is long but meaningful.”

 Always remember that your time will come. But while you wait, do something. Life is not about waiting for the right time but what you do while waiting.

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