Process Improvement & Automation (Session Lab) Today At Tekedia Live

Process Improvement & Automation (Session Lab) Today At Tekedia Live

This afternoon at Tekedia Live, we will have a session on Process Improvement & Automation (session lab) . We will be picking lessons in the downstream sector of the oil & gas sector (and the broad supply chain industry) as Tokunbo Olaitan Arannilewa, CEO of Eonsfleet , educates on the mechanics of improving efficiency through automation. Tekedia Mini-MBA current edition has entered the execution phase as we begin to conclude.

We typically begin with how to make innovation happen, and then look at frameworks that enable business growth; the last phase is execution where we focus on translation – making things happen in markets.

We are bringing companies to show our members how new ideas are being built daily, and how tech is changing the ordinance of market systems. On Thur, a law partner will come to explain Transaction Due Diligence.

Join us at 7pm WAT today (Tuesday). Zoom link in the Board

  • Tue, April 13 | 7 – 8pm WAT | Process Improvement & Automation (session lab) – Tokunbo O. Arannilewa, CEO Eonsfleet
  • Thur, April 15 | 7-8pm WAT |  Transaction Due Diligence/Business Intelligence – Chike Obimma,  Partner at Niccom LLP
  • Sat, April 17 | 7 – 8.30pm WAT | How To Discover Opportunities, General Topic –  Ndubuisi Ekekwe

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