Qualcomm To Produce Chips for iPhone5 Codenamed N94

The rumor and consensus from many analysts is that Qualcomm will produce the baseband socket on the next Apple iPhone, displacing Intel. Presently, Infineon supplies that unit. Infineon had been acquired by Intel last year.  Qualcomm was the company that supplied Apple the baseband socket for the CDMA iPhone4 though the GSM version was out of their reach.


Now Qualcomm will be responsible for the supply CDMA and WCDMA of the iPhone5 which is heralded as the world phone because it can be used in different networks, both GSM and CDMA.This business will give Qualcomm up to $800m – 1bm in revenue from Apple, especially the iPhone5 which is codenamed N94.


Qualcomm continues to do well and the chip it created in the wireless market Snapdragon has truly positioned it for a lot of opportunities.


Qualcomm is an American wireless telecommunications research and development company, as well as the largest fabless chip supplier in the world, based in San Diego, California.

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