Capacity Building – African Institution of Technology Brings Innovation To Non-Profit Management

African Institution of Technology works with governments, schools and companies in the areas of technology diffusion and innovation.  It has supported universities in many African states and continues to play big roles in the technology and startup narratives in Africa. AFRIT will be launching series of programs in coming weeks across African major cities on technology and how it could help to redesign the continent.


What is AFRIT?

We are engineers, technologists and scientists actively engaged in the cutting edge technology developments in medicine, communication, automobile, etc, in the top US, Canadian and European institutions.


Our plan is to help the diffusion of semiconductor, microelectronics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and other emerging technologies in developing nations (especially African nations) by  supporting schools, SMEs (small and medium-scaled enterprises) and governments through world class education support and technical consulting. All services are free.


We are made up of talented and highly motivated individuals who believe that the ‘ant-hills are not built by elephants, but by the collective efforts of the little ants’. We volunteer our time and skills to help schools and institutions as time and professional commitments permit us. Because many of us have been mentored and inspired in our lives, we want to do the same for new generation of technical leaders across Africa.


If we get the students engaged, African continent will have the best strategy to overcome its challenges. And this will come by pushing their imaginations towards creating technology. It remains a puzzle that many are hungry in a continent that is exceedingly blessed with land and other resources. Finding the right technology to harness these resources remains the best pathway for Africa. No matter how much loan we can take from the developed nations, we’ve got to solve our problems. And until we begin to create wealth, we will never overcome mass poverty.


Africa has got great schools with excellent lecturers, but the educational model remains archaic and redundant. With issues of funding and strikes, the students are left unchallenged and unprepared to face the fierce and competitive 21st century economy. We believe we can change this from bottom up.


Yes, the SMEs can help us begin a movement which will rattle the world. Recall the computer training model, where students paid to learn computer skills from SMEs. That has been an excellent technique. Though the semiconductor technology is complex, intense and capital intensive, we are optimistic about the future of this industry in Africa. We focus on what we can control; teach the students and expose them to the concepts and hopefully wait for a political leadership that will galvanize those efforts into a national/continental competitive strategy.


It is important to note that a nation cannot be greater than its educational system, especially in this century. Until we evolve and develop a sound educational policy, we will continue to waste the enormous talents of boys and girls in Lagos, Cairo, Accra, Nairobi, …


Simply stated, we are passionate about technology and we’ve got great skills. And we understand economics, business, and management because we’re trained in many fields. Just the way you expect the 21st century knowledge-workers to be.


Send us an email if you’re fired up and let’s join efforts to make Africa a technology titan and global outsourcing hub of the 21st century.


AFRIT is registered in the United States as a non-profit with Federal ID # 001024699

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