“Really Impressive” – Learner at Tekedia Mini-MBA Edition 4

“Really Impressive” – Learner at Tekedia Mini-MBA Edition 4

Good People, thanks. I am very happy that Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 4 members are now settling in. Like I noted, there is no Live session this week. We have a latency to kickstart that to ensure everyone is well settled. Just understand that some are doing online learning for the first time. But I want to share these nice words from a member, J. Ibodje: “Got myself settled into the first session. Really impressive.”

Our program may seem challenging because of the empirical components, but our promise is this: if you follow through, you will be transformed.

Meanwhile, apologies for the website giving up due to traffic. Everything is fine now. My special apologies to the university students from Tanzania starting their CollegeBoost today. Our team will check why the AWS autoscaling failed. But I am happy that it was just down for 5 minutes.

If you are not in yet and have paid, please inmail me even if you have emailed our team. I am the Head of support today.

Welcome to Tekedia Institute. Registration continues


Click to register for Tekedia Mini-MBA (June 7 – Sept 1, 2021): online, self-paced, $140 (or N50,000 naira). Full curriculum here.

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