Replicating biNu’s datafree Business Model with MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile in Nigeria

Replicating biNu’s datafree Business Model with MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile in Nigeria

bINu makes it possible for customers to browse websites data-free. In other words, when you visit a website, you can browse even when you do not have mobile (data) credits. BiNu is a pioneer in this business model and has just partnered with MTN in South Africa to open the web for many people, across industrial sectors and business categories, from banking to SMEs.

MTN and #datafree pioneer biNu  … announced a partnership that will enable mobile subscribers in South Africa to access websites and apps #datafree.

Rather than using their own mobile data to visit and interact with sites or apps, mobile subscribers in South Africa can now have their data paid for by participating digital content and application owners, thanks to biNu’s pioneering reverse billing model.

MTN is now offering biNu’s platform to its enterprise client base. By zero-rating their digital touchpoints, organisations will be able to expand their reach, increase engagement – and lower communication costs by moving customer engagement online from call centres and shops/branches. A large number of enterprises are also using this technology to enhance their digital training value proposition to staff members.

Because many African customers cannot afford data, digital companies continue to struggle to move experiences online. If you are looking for a business model to run in Nigeria, what biNu is doing is a great one. It is simply an orchestration where you use algorithm to predict how much it could cost you to serve your clients, and how much the telcos will charge you. Some telcos already offer this service to banks in Nigeria via reverse billing where banks send cheques, paying for their customers’ mobile data bills while visiting their websites.

I expect entrepreneurs to move in this line in coming months in Nigeria; it is already maturing in South Africa.

This trajectory supports my thesis that we will reach broadband parity by 2022 where internet usage in Nigeria will become readily affordable and then open massive opportunities for digital (online) companies.

In today’s videocast, I make a case that Africa will enter the era of affordable broadband internet in 2022. That will be the year we will begin a new dawn of immersive connectivity where you can eat and surf all you can. Industry players will take off the Internet meter and then focus on service, experience and quality. From satellite broadband vendors to the MNCs with balloons and drones, the sector will become very competitive and service will drive growth. This has happened in the past – every decade, Africa experiences a major industrial transformation. We saw that in banking and voice telephony. 2020s, starting at 2022, will be the decade of immersive connectivity.


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One thought on “Replicating biNu’s datafree Business Model with MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile in Nigeria

  1. The construct appears intriguing, but it sort of makes telcos the ultimate winners, if enterprises are to cover the data bills of intending visitors to their websites and users of their apps.

    What is not clear is how the users benefit, or are we seriously meant believe to that the enterprises won’t supplant the internet charges into their products and services bills? And the ‘free’ browsing would cover downloads and streaming services too?

    Just imagine LinkedIn paying telcos for all of us to be on LinkedIn, and Netflix doing same for movie watchers…

    This business model will surely be an interesting one, more of it please!


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