Review of the Best How-To`S and Tutorials for Students

Review of the Best How-To`S and Tutorials for Students

Most teachers offer students a list of recommended textbooks. But it is very important to consciously approach the quality and quantity of acquired knowledge. You should choose some good how-to’s and tutorials for self-education. This will have a good effect on your professional growth and English proficiency. We will tell you how to choose modern, useful, and interesting books and in order not to get confused in a large number of publications.

Choosing the right English how-to`s and tutorials 

You should consider several factors at once in order to choose the perfect books:

  • First, you need to decide what level of the tutorial you need: beginner, intermediate or advanced. Thus, it is necessary to determine your level of English. The easiest way to do this is with one of the many online tests – for example, the British Council offers to pass such a test. When the level is determined, you need to formulate your training request. Do you want to master the most general basics of the English language, or do you have a specific goal (for example, to master business English for business use)? 
  • It is also worth thinking about what additional resources you would like to use. We recommend acquiring a manual that includes audio recordings for those students whose auditory channel is the main channel of perception, as well as for those who want to work on English pronunciation or develop listening skills. And if your visual channel is the basic channel of perception, then a book with a lot of illustrations will suit you.
  • Many modern English textbooks include online components: games, videos, and various types of exercises. They are especially useful for those who like to study in an interactive way.
  • It`s not easy to find a tutorial that includes all of the above elements. Therefore, you need to set priorities correctly, that is, decide which aspects are more important to you and which ones can be neglected. You can visit and choose what you need.

List of popular how-to`s and tutorials for students

Here are several how-to`s and tutorials that are very popular all over the world:

“English File” by Clive Oxenden and Christina Latham-Koenig. This tutorial was published by Oxford University Press in 2013. It has Intermediate, Intermediate Plus, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced levels. This British edition is very popular all over the world. The relevance and modernity of lexicon, interesting topics, effective infographics, and illustrative examples are its basic features. At the same time, “English File” is an understandable, accessible and relatively easy textbook for students.

“Speakout” by Frances Eales, Antonia Clare, J.J. Wilson, and Steve Oakes. This tutorial was published by Pearson Longman in 2013. The textbook was developed in close collaboration with the BBC company, and this left a noticeable imprint on the quality of materials. The topics of the textbook are accompanied by excellent videos. Live interviews help develop spoken language and expand your vocabulary.

“Upstream” by Virginia Evans and Jenny Dooley. This tutorial was published by Express Publishing in 2002. The program of this textbook is deeper and therefore a little more complicated. The complexity of the materials is expressed in texts for listening/reading, and in grammar.

“New Total English” by Rachael Roberts, Antonia Clare, Araminta Crace, and J.J. Wilson. This tutorial was published by Pearson Longman in 2011. Both grammar and vocabulary are focused on trained students. The addition to this textbook has been released. It is available on the website where you can create an account for free by registering the ISBN number of your tutorial.

“Practice Makes Perfect ” refers to how-to`s with a huge amount of interactive exercises. You can even say that this is an expanded workbook in which each short lesson is followed by many practical tasks. There are 53 lessons in the book, which cover the tenses of the verb, possessive pronouns, prepositions, negatives, and so on. To avoid confusion and information overload, each lesson is very short and devoted to a separate grammatical phenomenon, and you can complete it in about 15 minutes. You can purchase “Practice Makes Perfect” on The price will depend on which version you choose – electronic or paper, as well as whether it is a new book or a used one.

“Business Communication” by M.K. Sehgal and Vandana Khetarpal also refers to how-to`s for students. It was published in 2007. This book is a practical guide for business English learners. 

So, we have provided you with a list of 6 excellent English tutorials and how-to`s for different levels and different requests and goals. It’s time to start practicing!

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