Rise Networks Unveils AI Ideathon

Rise Networks Unveils AI Ideathon

According to McKinsey, Artificial Intelligence will redesign the operating systems of various industries. It would make many sectors to become intelligent, fueled by data. The transformative effects will be felt in agriculture, education, energy, logistics and manufacturing, and in the process will contribute $13 trillion to global GDP by 2030.

Rise Networks, Nigeria’s premier AI powered learning, research and work readiness centre, that created  ISE, the first career coach job Bot in West Africa, has launched a National Artificial Intelligence Ideathon for game changing ideas  which will fix frictions in education, agriculture, healthcare and financial inclusion.

This AI Ideathon is open to data scientists, students, academicians,  working professionals, developers and other enthusiasts across Nigeria who will develop innovative solutions that will solve various paralysis in the country and encourage industry focused research and development that will birth AI innovations to transform various sectors. 

Winners will get an opportunity to present their AI applications to public sector decision makers, C-Suite players, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists who will help them execute and scale their solutions.

They will also be rewarded with modern work tools such as a 2018 13 inch Apple Macbook Pro+ $1000, a 13.5 inch Microsoft Surface Book 2, a 13 inch 2018 Apple Macbook Air along with the publication of their ideas in The Rise Labs National AI Innovation ebook, mentorship by AI thought leaders in Nigeria and around the globe, national public recognition and opportunity to network and fundraise at Workplan’s‘’Africa’s Action Plan on Education and the Future of Work for the Youth’’ on November 23rd 2019. Besides, they will get a free 3-6 months workspace, incubation and technical support at Rise Labs.

Entry submissions began on August 19th 2019 and will end on September 30th 2019.  Participants must be 18 years and above while minor must have the consent of their parents or guardians.

Nigeria needs AI powered ideas to solve some of her challenges in security, education, healthcare, agriculture, logistics and transportation, retail, manufacturing, oil and gas, justice delivery to transition to an intelligent economy.

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