Run your Stage Playbook And Make Your Career Yours

Run your Stage Playbook And Make Your Career Yours

Career is a long journey and do not make it what it is not. Life’s a stage and career is one of the performances we are involved in.  A few years ago, they showed a young man who resigned from Goldman Sachs to teach in a local public school in America. Why? He wanted a better fulfilment as he performs on the Stage.

That your friend is a director in a bank, or CEO of a venture-backed startup, or a partner is a big consulting firm, must not redesign your Stage Playbook. Understand that unhealthy comparison kills creativity and vision.

The key thing is understanding what brings fulfilment for you. Run your Stage playbook, and make it yours, even as you remain inspired by others.

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This is more like a Riot Act for those who live a borrowed life, while leaving their own purpose untouched.

How is being a medical doctor better than a teacher? Nobody has been able to explain.

And how is being an engineer more fulfilling than a social worker? No one has been able to explain.

Same goes for organisations people aspire to work in, only to realise that their misery index has increased, after landing their supposed dream job…

Excellence is domain agnostic, so anywhere you are at your finest, build your sanctuary there, because success means so many different things.

Happiness is free, but getting a dose of it seems to be costlier than a tonne of gold.

World of wonders!


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