Samsung Indulge 4G LTE – IHS iSuppli Tears It Down



We received this from our email and sharing it in totality. It is about the new Samsung device that was designed for MetroPCS, a second tier network in US that operates in many urban areas and cities. You do not expect to see this phone or device in Nigeria because it is locked.


Samsung and MetroPCS hope that its first Android-based long term evolution (LTE) smartphone will have customers Indulging in all the new features it offers.


The Samsung Indulge is designed and priced very much as a second tier smartphone with lower overall cost than the leading handsets in the 4G/LTE market.


Given the differences in price between this lower priced handset versus the mainstream high-profile handsets, IHS iSuppli’s Teardown Analysis Service wanted to find out what these differences are inside the Indulge.


What we found inside is a home-grown Samsung CMC22000 baseband processor that works in conjunction with the discrete Samsung Apps processor and a Qualcomm QSC6075 tri band CDMA baseband chip. Samsung elected to use their own silicon and design in the LTE Indulge in order to cut down on the price of the device.


We also determined the complete component count of the Indulge that is on par with other LTE handsets that we have examined. But we also have the complete Bill of Materials (BOM) of the device, right down to every frame, resistor, component and screw with a price tagged on all of them.


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