Sector Innovation and Case Studies – Lectures from Industry Innovators

Sector Innovation and Case Studies – Lectures from Industry Innovators

At Tekedia Institute Mini-MBA this week, we are looking at case studies of sectors using companies to take the messages home. Flutterwave CEO, Olugbenga GB Agboola, shares the future of finance and technology. CEO of Pass, Eke Samuel Chukwunonso takes us on how new technology nexus in broad financial services is opening opportunity and driving economic prosperity.

As most kids in Africa remain locked out of schools due to Covid-19, CEO of Edves, ‘Dimeji Falana, provides a compelling roadmap on how tech can fix our educational paralysis.  On healthcare services, CEO of industry-shaping telehealth leader in Africa, Enoh John, CEO of LAFIYA TELEHEALTH, explains how IOT and mobile internet could help us stay healthier. Then, the village boy from Ovim (yours truly) closes with agriculture, using Zenvus.

Amazing indeed – welcome to the Board!

(picture from Flutterwave lecture for Tekedia Mini-MBA)


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