Selected Kenyan Startups in Beta – Not Yet Ready, Incubating In Garages (part 3)

Part 3: Most are very secretive – no Twitter, no Facebook, yet, we know where to find them. These are some startups in Kenya that will hit the startupsphere in coming months.


Voice Messaging (Working Title)

Kenyans love to send messages on radio and they also love to talk. However for majority of them, the call rates are out of their league in terms of what it would cost to have a long call and pass the required message. This service proposes to use a USSD menu integrated to an IVR platform for people to communicate with. Person A leaves a message and person B is alerted by SMS that he has a message. B call the number and retrieves their message and can opt to reply to A.  The service is free.


iSafiri: Destination Management System

iSafari is a web based destination marketing, inventory management and reservation systems. It is a combination of technological enablers and demand drivers and will help propel the realization of East Africa’s domestic tourism goals.
iSafari’s aim is to provide to the tourism stakeholders, both on the Demand-side and the Supply-Side, access to a cheap but extremely effective distribution and marketing service.


Mobile Shopper

Mobile shopper Is the ultimate shopping tool. This is how it will work, a shopper will find out all they need in the house, enter it in the Mobile shopper application on their phones, and immediately see an estimate of their shopping as per the current prices, they will then send this info and get an sms with the payment code, and send the money via M-pesa, Zap or Yu Cash with the code, then walk to the local shop and collect their goods, delivery will also be available at no extra charge.

By answering a few questions tries to predict what you are likely interested in.
In categories like Movies, Food, Clothes, restaurant and will try to suggest to you what you may be interested in.
examples question include:

Have you ever won movie tickets to a rock concert on radio?
c.)I hate rock

(To predict taste in music, radio-station and interest in calling in to win at radio shows)



Provide a safe place to disseminate the world’s information with anonymous web hosting.

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