Selected Kenyan Startups in Beta – Not Yet Ready, Incubating In Garages (part 5)

Part 5: Most are very secretive – no Twitter, no Facebook, yet, we know where to find them. These are some startups in Kenya that will hit the startupsphere in coming months.



a finance network / rotating savings and credit associations (ROCAS) that will be web based an can be accessed via any mobile browser to keep track of contributions ..It will have group of example 10 people , contributing certain amount per month that every member will be getting a sum of the contributions in turns.some integration with M-PESA for the groups account central repository before sending it to the turns recipient phone



Pakasha is a flexible mobile-based information sharing platform that aims at utilizing features available in any mobile device to allow mobile users collaborate to solve their day to day needs in an efficient and timely way,at a competitive cost.  The cornerstone of this platform will be a channel that would entail provision of services ranging from classified ads ,information dissemination, producer collaboration ,education etc.



Your cyber cafe home page

Are you always on the move and you need to keep track of your finances and understand your tax obligations.Well we are here to make it all simple and straight forward for you. Keep track of that shilling and grow your portfolio with


County Governance Engine

In Kenya, many public services, even very simple services are not available online. It is important that services offered by soon to be formed county governments be efficient and digital from the beginning. The objective is to build a tool that can facilitate the implementation of public services by non-programmers using wizards to define data to be collected and control access to different views of the data. This can be offered as a service eliminating the usual excuses on infrastructure

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