“Semiconductor Industry Association of Nigeria” President Shares His Vision for 2011

Mr. Onyema Felix Akubueze  – the co-founder and the Chief Operating Officer/CEO of PAWAAK Technologies Ltd is the Founding President of  Semiconductor Industry Association of Nigeria. He is very happy to share his vision to everyone while SIAN website is being developed. You will read from the Board Chair in coming days.


1. To inspire all the stakeholders to have a collective effort for the development of Semiconductor and Allied smart devices in Nigeria.


2. To collaborate with the Executives and Members of SIAN to sensitive the Government on the need to support the growth of Semiconductor Design, manufacturing, supply, control and utilization in Nigeria and thereby helping the Government to earn or generate huge revenue that will enhance the growth of the Nigerian economy like in the USA and Asia whose economies are being boosted by the exports & proceeds from semiconductor systems.


3. To work with the SIAN Excos and put up a strategy that will help us to get all the necessary legislation that will empower SIAN’s operation in Nigeria through enabling laws and bills by the National Assembly.


4.To assist in sensitizing universities and other Tertiary Institutions offering Electronics Engineering courses the need to provide a solid foundation for the Electronic Engineering Students to face the 21st century challenges in Semiconductor Products designs, manufacturing, distribution and support in a large scale for the emerging Smart devices utilizations in Electronic  world development.


5. To create an enabling environment for investors in Nigeria to invest in Semiconductor Industry for high Return on Investment (ROI) both in shut and long run term and  benefits/rewards.


6. To create enabling environments to Electronic and software Engineering students for adequate placements and Industrial Training that will enhance their studies in this area of specialization and their subsequent contribution to the advancement and growth of Semiconductor systems, job creations and Economic growth in Nigeria.


7. To use the contacts of Semiconductor Industry Association of Nigeria to create jobs in Nigeria and abroad for Nigerians in this sector.


8. To develop and create an enabling environment for SIAN, Nigeria to compete favorably with our foreign counterparts in semiconductor design, manufacturing, etc.


9. To encourage policies and regulations that will trigger innovation, propel business and drive international competition in order to maintain a thriving semiconductor industry in Nigeria.


10. To ensure that we work hand in hand with the World Semiconductor Council (WSC) to  undertake voluntary services in  environmental, health and safety activities as well as to be Eco-friendly to our host communities.


11. To work with the Executives and committee (where and when necessary) to generate a road map /development plan in phases for Semi conductor growth in Nigeria.

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