Know The Election Citizens Tools: ReclaimNaija – Nigeria’s Crowdsourcing Tool Built on Kenyan Ushahidi


This site provides some nice information likes dates about this 2011 election

The Developers:

ReclaimNaija is a broad based national platform for popular, grassroots engagement in promoting electoral transparency and democratic government. The platform brings together a vast network of grassroots organisations across the country comprising mostly informal sector workers and trade-based-groups such as associations of mechanics, carpenters, vulcanisers, welders, okada riders and owners, market women and men, electricians, tailors, hairdressers, community development associations, activists, patriotic professionals, civil society and faith-based organisations.


Implemented upon Kenyan Ushahidi


Assists Nigerian citizens participate in the election by reporting fraud and also voting


SMS to 08166662222 or08096662221 or08120006622

Email [email protected]

Tweet #NigeriaDecides and/or #reclaimnaija

Call 07006662222

Completing the form on their site

Get some instructions here before you start using, if possible

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