Seven Rules For An Amazing Profile Photo

Seven Rules For An Amazing Profile Photo

By Samuel Ukah

A few years ago, when most of us joined various social media channels, the issue of how we looked never really mattered. We just wanted to hit up and connect with people from around the world.

Ohoo! I can’t forget what yahoo messenger did to me around years 2008/2009. Did you use yahoo messenger then?

With time, things have evolved. People who hated the social media have all joined. I recall the day my dad sent me a friend request on Facebook, I was shocked because he always spoke against it.

So, if things have evolved this way, why are some of us still living in the dark ages. Did it occur to you that your profile picture is your first impression to people?

Has it occurred to you that your profile picture is just like your house? I mean like for real. It tells people the kind of mentality you have and the type of house you live in.

So, does your profile picture show you as an important person who should be loved, respected and associated with or as a beggar who needs help and hope?

So how should your profile picture look? What 7 rules makes for a great profile picture?

  1. It Has a Professional Look

This particular point has two parts to it.

First, you should look important by looking professional. It’s much better to use a picture with a suit on. It doesn’t really matter what you do, perception is key and in this 2018, you have to look like someone on a mission of helping the world. The truth about it all is that the mind can easily be deceived. Once it perceives you as something, it gets that registered. There are arguments about profile picture showing what you do, for example a lawyer on wigs. It may sound cool but it is not acceptable.

Secondly, it should be taken by a professional and not you. Your profile picture should never be a selfie. It’s a big no no. If you don’t have a phone with a powerful camera, visit a photographer to get a professional shot with a professional camera.

  1. It Should be a Headshot or Waist Up.

An awesome profile picture is never a full picture showing your legs neither should it be like a passport. From your waist up is good or just headshot but not with that serious passport look. An example is the picture below.

  1. The Head is Tilted.

There’s something lovely about a peaceful head tilt. Don’t stand erect like a soldier. Give yourself some angle tilt. Try to kill it by maybe slightly moving your body away from the camera but bringing your head in obedience to admire the camera lens.

Another thing, never stand erect in a profile picture. Psychologically, it shows you as too serious and mean. You don’t want that embargo.

You know what I mean?

Okay, I believe you do.

So let’s move on.

  1. It is like a CloseUp Advert

I know CloseUp is not paying you but can you bring yourself to look at those beautiful faces with the angelic teeth blazing like the sun? Now that’s what I mean. It’s lovely and inviting.

Make yourself attractive by borrowing a few smiles from your extrovert friend in case you don’t have some in your bank. But please don’t frown as if your name is Bonethugz. Haha.

  1. It’s Not with an Eye Glass

Pal, it’s not cool or “brilliant” taking profile pictures with glasses or goggles. Even if you have an eye challenge, try to keep the glass aside when you want to take a profile picture.

And to you who wants to take a profile picture with Sun Shades on, no problem, continue. You want to tell us you are a blind.

But please jokes apart, show us your eyeballs. We love it like that because those colored balls are beautiful.

  1. It’s not a Mirror Selfie

Dear slay queen, please don’t take profile pictures in front of a mirror. It’s not cool at all. It shows you as not serious and without direction in life. I know you have purpose and direction so please prove those gossip princes and princesses wrong.

Bro to you too. It’s not just the ladies. Leave mirrors alone.

Thanks. Let’s change the gear.


  1. It’s Not on a White Background

Yeah white background used to look cool but honestly it doesn’t anymore. It doesn’t look attractive to the eye. Add some color to the background. Use something else aside white.

But you know what? A natural environment is awesome.

A profile picture with some beautiful trees, green grasses or flowers is definitely awesome. And honestly, that’s the kind of profile picture I’m planning to shoot soon. Haha.

I have a lot of industry CEOs and founders as connections on LinkedIn and I must tell you that many of them have green lushes showing behind them and I totally love and admire it.

So, my next profile picture will be with nature in the background. I just got a cool photographer recently and one of these days, I’ll give him a call.

Finally, these are the rules for a killer profile picture. Use them to your own advantage, abandon to your own business. Yes, it’s your business not mine but I can’t help it not informing you because we are family.

And let me shock you.

When your name is searched on Google, do you know which pictures are shown?

Yeah, your profile pictures and the ones you’ve used on articles on other platforms. So, you want to look important, show us you are important through your profile picture.

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