She went, she saw and she conquered: Chatting with Kazeem Zainab on Leadership and Social Impact Training Experience

She went, she saw and she conquered: Chatting with Kazeem Zainab on Leadership and Social Impact Training Experience

Tekedia: Could you please tell about yourself?

Kazeem Zainab: I am Kazeem Zainab Adewunmi, a Nigerian. A graduate of Sociology from Lagos State University. I am a Human Resource Enthusiast and a Fashion Entrepreneur. A serving Team Lead for Career and Leadership Hub, Nigeria, An undergraduate of SpringForth Leadership School, Graduate Advancement Program,  an ISERH Associate Ambassador,  A member of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), A Volunteer member of Health Volunteer Nigeria Initiative, A Volunteer Administrator for Humanity First Initiative and the CEO of Awesome Royal Collections. I am passionate about humanity and working towards enriching lives in the world we live in. I love volunteering, exploring and mentoring.

Tekedia: What was your experience like going through the ISERH class 5?

Kazeem Zainab: It’s quite a challenging one, I mean having to attend classes twice every week amidst other personal engagement but self motivation and a purpose driven mindset keeps me going. It’s an amazing moment learning from great minds amidst other scholars.

Tekedia: Can you highlight some of your take aways from the program?

Kazeem Zainab: First I would say, self-discipline, commitment and self motivation. Second, I was totally re- oriented about seeing things a different way. Third, I learnt the necessary skills needed to succeed as a leader and an Entrepreneur. I learnt how to relate in a social and corporate organizations.

Tekedia: What does it mean for you to have become the most outstanding student of the course?

Kazeem Zainab: It means a lot to me, I am really honored, it shows I didn’t just participated in the course, I was committed to it and I made it so practical. I’m glad, i fufilled my goals towards the course.

Tekedia: Going forward, what is your next step?

Kazeem Zainab:First and foremost, I would be taking up professional courses to advance my career opportunities. I’m definitely looking forward to a position where I can grow – personal and professional development is something that’s really important to me, since I hope to take up managerial and humanitarian responsibilities in the future. To sum it up, I’d love to explore opportunities where I can use my learned skills to make an impact that I can see with my own eyes, I’m always very motivated by being able to see the impact of my work on others.

Tekedia: Your advice for youths in Africa on personal and professional development?

Kazeem Zainab: Self-awareness and goal setting should always come first, As they serve as a guide all through to any steps to personal and professional self-development. My advice goes thus, do not relent, take charge of every opportunities and be prepared for challenges, as it’s synonymous to success.

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