Shipping from China to Nigeria – 8 Critical Guidelines

Shipping from China to Nigeria – 8 Critical Guidelines

“Cheapest way of shipping from China to Nigeria” and “Shipping from Nigeria to China” were amongst the most common queries over the past 12 months. China is the origin of 30% of the imported items into Nigeria. This is at least three times more than the runner up. Both countries have enjoyed an amicable trade relationship culminating in a bilateral currency swap agreement signed in 2018, said to be worth $2.5 Billion.

Shipping from China to Nigeria, especially container size cargo, requires caution and a fair understanding of the shipping process.

8 critical guidelines are provided as follows:
  1. Select your trade terms carefully. If possible, seek the counsel of a legal mind if there are terms that are not understood.
  2. For items that have singular packaging, ensure that the packages are designed for scale and in English.
  3. Establish a means of quality control for items whilst they are still in China. It is within your reach to request for the manufacturers certificate of production with the relevant standards from your supplier. Lab test results may also be requested for food items.
  4. Invest time and energy in building a good relationship with your supplier.
  5. Incoterms should be looked into, with a bid to selecting the most appropriate for your cargo.
  6. Paperwork is crucial! Obtain Form M, pro forma invoice, packing list and bill of lading well ahead of time.
  7. Shipping documents from China must be filled correctly, with goods classified according to the appropriate HS code. This is vital for import duty calculations.
  8. Stay updated with the list of import prohibited items and avoid such.

Once you are able to follow these steps, there should not be any hitches with your shipment as it voyages from the People’s Republic of China to the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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