ShopAfrica53 is Empowering SMEs in Ghana By Providing International Gateway


ShopAfrica53 advertises goods and services from across Ghana online. It helps to connect small companies to the wider markets across all the African region and beyond. This helps to provide opportunities for the smaller companies.


ShopAfrica53 is a kind of web-mall – advertising goods and services from a range of small businesses in Ghana. This means the tiniest and most remote operator now has access to an international market. The website also handles logistics like collection and delivery of goods, and takes payment on behalf of the vendors.


The technology being used by ShopAfrica53 can be a lifeline for small entrepreneurs ranging from tailors to artists.



The organization operates a series of virtual web malls, one for each African country. It receives payment via a BSL owned proprietary, Africa friendly payment processing system.

This payment system works either via:

a. African Liberty Credits
b. African Liberty Scratch Cards

Malls representing all the other African countries will be activated over the coming months.

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