Simply Affordable, $200 for 3-Month Quality Cybersecurity Training

Simply Affordable, $200 for 3-Month Quality Cybersecurity Training

Prepare or gift a new career in 2017. Cybersecurity and digital forensics are careers in high demand and First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute, Pittsburgh USA ( provides the education needed to enter these fields.

Our online learning programs are flexible and affordable and come with a (first week)100% money back guarantee.

Learn about:
– Cybersecurity Policy
– Cybersecurity Management
– Cybersecurity Technology
– Cybersecurity Intelligence and Digital Forensics

Each program category is independently phased as Certificate (online 12 weeks), Diploma (online 12 weeks), and Nanodegree (1 week live). Our programs are relevant for engineers, lawyers, policymakers, law enforcement, health professionals, students, investors, bankers,insurers, etc as they cover all areas of cybersecurity – from policy to technology to management.

Start today and you can finish your program in a few months with real world skills you can use on the job. Alternatively, gift it to someone you love (cousins, friends, students, children, etc). He/she can begin a new journey to a new career.

Grant Special!
Enroll or gift a certificate program for only $200! (The cost is now very low owing to a grant suport.) Paypal, debit & credit cards, and bank transfer supported across Africa and beyond

The Program Catalog and detailed Table of Contents are well documented.

We’re looking for local partners across Africa to help promote our programs. For more, contact Audrey Kumar via [email protected]

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