Six CaseWorks for Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 4 Selected

Six CaseWorks for Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 4  Selected

Tekedia Mini-MBA focuses on three core tenets in markets: innovation, growth and execution. We begin with how firms can innovate. We then move to how growth can come via the innovations. The last phase is executing in markets by applying constructs and frameworks we have mastered.

Starting on Week 11, and from Monday to Friday, we will be using cases to take home the message of Execution; these 6 companies have been selected by the Institute. The cases come in written materials and videos. Members, in the Board, from Week 11, you will see a new section titled CaseWorks.

As always, the knowledge is most useful when applied! Let us go into our firms, and apply the things we are learning. Let us make them BETTER. If you need help on that translation, ask Admin via our Support Center, and we can speak.

To the world, register for the next edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA.


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