Six Things You Should Know When Invited by the Nigerian Police

Six Things You Should Know When Invited by the Nigerian Police

If you’re ever invited to a Police establishment, there is every chance that you will be detained no matter how weak or strong the case against you is.

Once you have been asked to write your Statement under caution or not, these are the things you must expect.

False Statement: Most of our Police officers would ordinarily want to dictate or railroad you into writing what they want. Refuse! Write what you know to be the truth in response to the Petition or allegation against you.

You can also ask that you want your lawyer around before you make any Statement. When you’re done with the Statement, your lawyer would ordinarily seek for an amicable resolution of whatever is in issue and that you be granted bail.

Bail is Not Free: Bail is only free on paper & Police officers will ask for some money either stylishly or bluntly. Your lawyer would know how best to go about this. If the Police don’t want to grant you bail for whatever reason, they will get a detention order signed by a senior Police officer to have you detained.

Property Documentation: At the Cell area, you will be asked to remove your belt, wrist watch, chain, shoes and other belongings and have same documented and left with the officers at the counter. You could also leave those with your lawyer or anyone that came with you there.

No Cashless Policy in Jail: The officers at the Counter or Cell area will surely ask for a tip from you and it’s advisable to not go empty handed into the Cell. Once in the Cell, you will introduce yourself to the Presido and other inmates and tell your story of what brought you to the Cell.

They will sympathize with you but immediately let you know of the amount you must pay towards the smooth running and upkeep of the Cell. From the money, they buy toiletries, candle, light bulbs, mosquito coils etc. If you’re ‘lucky’ to be in a big Cell, then you’ll be allocated a bed space. You can buy your own food from the vendors that come around and basically other things you may need.

Vising and Visitors: Visitors will be allowed to see you but not before tipping the officers at the Counter. They must also taste every food they bring in the presence of the officers before handing it over to you.

In Event of Ending Case: From the Police Cell, you will either be granted administrative (Police) bail or you’ll be charged to Court.

Some prefer to settle things at the Police and be at their mercy if you fail to meet up with your undertakings while others prefer to be charged to Court (especially when the case against them is weak), suffer for awhile in perfecting the Court bail & get the Police off their backs forever.

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