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Skill Paddy To Tackle Unemployment Among Nigerian Youths With Tech Skills

Skill Paddy To Tackle Unemployment Among Nigerian Youths With Tech Skills

No doubt, the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is very high, which saw it rise to 35 percent in 2021. In a bid to tackle the high unemployment rate in Nigeria, E-learning platform Skill Paddy has volunteered to offer learners a three-month program, and also aid participants to gain on-the-job experience.

According to the CEO of Skill Paddy, Kunle Erinle, he disclosed that the platform is not solely aimed at only addressing the issue of unemployment in Nigeria, but it will also help in bridging the productivity gap which currently exists in so many industries.

In his words, “The world is changing very fast today, eight out of the ten biggest companies in the world are in tech industry. This translates to 10 million jobs in the digital technology space, with one million of these jobs open in Africa. Most of these jobs remain open year after year because people with the right skills are either not applying or non-existent. It is a real challenge for us as a continent, and that is why Skill Paddy exists”.

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SkillPaddy is said to officially roll out its first batch of courses for roles that are currently in high demand in today’s job market. Courses such as graphic design, software testing, business analysis, product management, etc.

The start-up has also extended its partnerships to Honeywell group, Chocolate city group, Employment Trust fund, etc to help them transition into industries that are driven by tech.

With the current tech advancements in the world today, it is safe to say that tech is the future. In today’s digital world, everywhere you go, you must come in contact with one technological advancement or the other. The highly digital life in today’s world and the development of our technological world have become the new normal.

With almost 50% of the world’s population using the internet, over 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last few years. With the rate at which technology is rapidly evolving, businesses are now beginning to transform digitally, so that they can be able to offer their customers a seamless and frictionless experience.

Kudos to Skill Paddy for offering this platform to empower Nigerian youths with the needed tech skills, because digital skills are now a necessity more than ever, to stay relevant and competitive in today’s global economy.

The tides have changed in today’s world, it is not just enough to possess a degree, but one needs to arm himself or herself with on-demand digital skills, in other to stay relevant and navigate effectively in the workplace.

It has been predicted that by 2050, Youths in Africa will make up one-third of the global workforce. Unfortunately, there is a massive talent shortage which will likely make a large number of them remain unemployed.

Already, the inadequacy of digital skills among Nigerian youths is evident in their inability to fill vacant positions in organizations today, as there are not enough youths with the right digital skills to fill up these positions.

Digital skills are no doubt a strong component of economic growth. Also in schools, there should be an inclusion of digital skills in the curriculum. Regardless of whatever discipline a student studies, having digital skills in today’s world will advance their career.

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