Social Gaming Revenue To Reach $2.7b in 2015 – Zynga Continues To Dominate The Sector

Zynga, the social gaming juggernaut of the *ville games, is filing papers to raise about $1b in the stock exchange.  They are bouyed by the success of LinkedIn, Pandora and the Russian search giant, Yandex. So, it is safe now to try and go public.


Meanwhile, IHS research has estimated that the social gaming market will hit $2.7 billion in the next four years. In 2010, it was $1.4b and in this 2011, it is estimated to reach $1.7b

Global social gaming revenue exploded to $1.4 billion in 2010, up by a factor of 20 from $66.7 million in 2008, according to IHS. Revenue by 2015 will increase to $2.7 billion, or approximately double the total in 2010.


Zynga held a 39.1 percent share of the global market in 2010, a 4.2 percentage point increase over 2009. This represented the largest increase among the Top 5 operators. Playfish, the second biggest company in this games segment, to be between six to eight times smaller than Zynga’s.


Zynga is a social network game developer located in San Francisco, California, United States. The company develops browser-based games that work both stand-alone and as application widgets on social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace.

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