Somalia Gets a Search Domain – Thank You Google Africa, The Best Team In Google.

Good Africa – the best team in Google – reports that Somalia has its own country domain. Thank you Google Africa for having that resilience to build this nation despite all odds.


Today, we thrilled to announce that Somali users now have a gateway to the world’s information through their own country domain, .

Local domains are a first step towards making the web more accessible and relevant for people around the world. The new domain will help people in Somalia and find locally relevant information, faster.

Google Africa has been putting African languages on the web. They have done more in this area than any African government. They do it through share commitment, focus and passion that typify Google Africa. It is the only team that can mobilize folks to do some of these tasks.  This Somali project is not an exception as they explained in their blog.


As part of the Google Africa community translation program, the Somali language interface was translated entirely by volunteers and polished by a passionate group of native speakers, language specialists & journalists in Eastleigh estate in Nairobi, fondly referred to as ‘little Mogadishu’. We wish to congratulate them for putting their language on the map.

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