Some Common Problems Most Jobseekers Face

Some Common Problems Most Jobseekers Face

I had been a JOBSEEKER long back and I struggled with my JOB search.

Finding a job is always a job. During my job search, I face the lows. No one was willing to help, people promised to help but stopped recognizing  when I approached them in need.

It’s easier for people to feel bugged by the pressing need of jobseekers. I felt I must have bugged them during my job search. You’d not blame them. It’s not always an easy ride for any jobseeker out there.

But one thing kept me going during the turbulent period, my faith in God, self-belief in my abilities and parents blessings.

 After getting countless of ”nos” and hurtful words, the breakthrough came. I didn’t just get a job to survive, I got a well-paying job that transformed my life from a wretched man to a successful man.

 Yes, I am successful because I have the time to go about other businesses and also get paid for doing what I love. To me, it was the greatest success any jobseeker can have.

 During my job search, I discovered that jobseekers get stuck in their JOB search and find no way out, they face lots of problems in their JOB search. The good news is – JainderSingh Negi has got a way out for you by sharing some of the problems every jobseeker faces. Since a problem known is half solved, these could help them in understanding what and how to tackle the problems of job search.

Here are the common problems you are facing in a JOB search: 

  • You are unable to put up an ATS compliant and eye catching RESUME
  • You are not able to land a JOB INTERVIEW
  • You are able to land JOB INTERVIEWS but unable to clear telephonic INTERVIEWS
  •  You get stuck in face to face INTERVIEWS with RECRUITERS or HIRING MANAGERS and unable to cross this step
  • You always get stuck in Final round of a JOB INTERVIEW even though you are a much better candidate but unable to express it
  • You are getting JOB offers but not the ones you would like to have
  • You are not able to get access to the best companies or RECRUITERS
  • Difficulty in landing the first JOB due to zero experience

Where do you belong?

Now that you know, tackle it.

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