Sony Playstation Users Credit Information Under Risk – Station Attacked By Hackers

Sony just explained (updated its site) that the outage on Playstation was caused by ‘external intrusion’ as we reported before. But few minutes ago, AP has this news. This is becoming a big problem for Sony.


Sony Corp. said Tuesday that the credit card data of PlayStation users around the world may have been stolen in a hack that forced it to shut down its PlayStation Network for the past week, disconnecting 77 million user accounts.


Some players brushed off the breach as a common hazard of operating in a connected world, and Sony said some services would be restored in a week. But industry experts said the scale of the breach was staggering and could cost the company billions of dollars.


“Simply put, one of the worst breaches we’ve seen in several years,” said Josh Shaul, chief technology officer for Application Security Inc., a New York-based company that is one of the country’s largest database security software makers.

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