South Africans are not on the same page

South Africans are not on the same page

As at last month, up to 55 countries of Africa (including South Africa) have signed on to the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (#AfCFTA) agreement of the African Union (AU). And the preparations for the operationalisation of this agreement have commenced.

This AfCFTA agreement primarily seeks to promote trade — free movement of goods, services and people — within the African continent.

But the xenophobic (and opportunistic criminal elements in) South Africans are not on the same page: They do not have grips on emerging realities. Instead, they are attacking and killing African nationals — destroying their businesses and properties in their country.

Contradiction. A big one at that.

But on the flip side, since South Africa already largely attracts other African nationals, AU as a matter of policy must work with the government and people to tackle the socio-political and economic problems manifesting as deadly xenophobia! AU should come up with an intervention!

This problem — particular in line with the AfCFTA — should be addressed as regional problem. Obviously, the South African government, cannot be said to have grip on it.

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