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Starbucks Building a Web3 Project To Reward Its Community

Starbucks Building a Web3 Project To Reward Its Community

Starbucks plans to build a new, global digital community that can be defined by collaboration, experiences, and shared ownership.

Creating private communities on Web3 is now common at big brands. But this time, consider it all centered around coffee to start and perhaps expand into many areas Starbucks has played over the years, like art, music, books, and beyond.

As you know, Starbucks, which is the most popular coffee chain in the world, appears as an encouraging brand with its projects in the digital field.

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The coffee giant responds to people who prefer their products with specific reward systems if they make transactions through the application. Now Starbucks is working on a project that will integrate this reward system into the Web3 world.

The brand has always had an audience that is happy to use its products. However, we have never seen this audience engage.

With the world of Web3 Starbucks will now have a community with benefits of its own. Centering on coffee-focused NFTs, the company plans to build a structure where it will offer exclusive content and opportunities to NFT owners rather than a ordinary digital collection.

New technologies associated with what is commonly referred to as “Web3” are now creating a space to expand the concept of community, which has always been at the heart of Starbucks. Web3 refers to many things in the blockchain space, but NFTs are the unique technology that has the brand’s attention.

Many people consider NFTs as a new form of ownership of digital art, often traded in a highly speculative way. While it was somewhat true in the early days of space now, NFTs allow people to own a programmable, brandable digital asset that serves as an access card.

What Is Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks plans to launch an NFT collection, the ownership of which initiates community membership, and allows for access to exclusive benefits. These collections’ themes will be inspired by Starbucks’ aesthetic expressions, both traditional and contemporary, as well as through world-class collaborations with other innovators brand skinning.

Additionally, Starbucks has a track of adopting cutting-edge technology, developing, and making it friendly and accessible for general audiences. They are always good at engaging customers at scale to create possibilities from brand history with loyalty, mobile payment, mobile ordering, and Wi-Fi.

A Starbucks Digital Community Web3 platform might also lead the way in this area by combining a user-friendly, broadly accessible front-end with the appropriate, quick, and affordable blockchain technology.

Starbucks is planning to start with their first NFT collection, membership and community later this year, based on coffee art and storytelling. It will come with a host of unique experiences and benefits, worthy of a genesis NFT collection from Starbucks.

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