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Startups In Nigeria Need Sustainable Models – Where is Netaviva?

We are noticing that many startups in Nigeria are going down. They come to business and register their domains, but as soon as it is time to new the domains, they go .gone. Nwalla  is no more online and we just checked Netaviva and noted that it is not available also. We hope these are hosting issues and not that these firms are out of business.


We got this from Netaviva website in case you do not know the firm


Netaviva is a web-based application that provides business/social networking tools. Netaviva connects professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs in Africans with their projects, ideas or business proposals. This allows individuals, entrepreneurs, companies, advisers and investors to see straight through the Africa market and collectively self-publish, match, learn, validate and consume different types of equity market content in hours.


Netaviva allows individuals, enterpreneurs, investors, companies in Africa to create professionally-oriented profiles, find an expert, share knowledge and facilitate online transactions. Netaviva major features are business plans dashboard, marketplace system, and business directory.


The startup ecosystem in Nigeria is very toxic. There is no infrastructure. The cost of broadband remains high while electricity is nowhere. Until government helps in these regards, it will be very difficult to sustain these companies.

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