Stop Limiting the Functions of Your Phone

Stop Limiting the Functions of Your Phone

There are many things your mobile phone can do that you are barely aware of. When you have a smartphone in your hand, it is not just a phone in quote, but a technological compilation that can go to any extent you want it as long as you know how to ignite its functions.

It’s amazing that some people will purchase smartphones that worth hundreds of dollars and even thousands of dollars, and they only use them to make and receive calls. That phone is not just for call; if you need a phone designed for calls then you better go get a feature phone..

It’s understandable that most old people, even the educated ones don’t know how to operate a smartphone. I was dazzled when a senior friend, a professor of law, asked me to help him install a WhatsApp and teach him how to use it and other apps on his smartphone. Maybe, there should be an adult education for people on how to make use of everyday technology.  Many adults are technologically illiterate including the educated ones and the elites.

The most functional and popular buttons in a phone are the call dial and receive call buttons especially to the old people. For the young people, the phone is just for calls, take pictures, record videos and chats. Some only care about the clarity of the camera so as to serve their purpose. Some care just about the space capacity of the phone, so it could accommodate all their files.

I am not ignorant of the fact that most people purchase phones for customized purposes and that’s why they insist on the particular feature or specification of the phone; hence use it mostly for that purpose.

Some amateur photographers who can’t afford a digital camera use phones to start up their crafts. Some YouTubers and video makers also insist on the camera quality of a phone before getting, and some digital marketers who use phones as their toll also insist on the camera quality and storage capacity.

The purpose of this article is not to criticize your technological illiteracy but to expose things your smartphone can do that you are not aware of. Other than the basic things individuals use their  smartphones to do, there are other things which are possible. The basic things individuals do with their phones are;

  • ~placing and receiving calls.
  • ~sending and receiving text messages .
  • ~sending and receiving emails .
  • ~reading mails.
  • ~surfing the internet.
  • ~Checking Facebook and other popular social media apps.
  • ~Taking pictures and making videos .
  • ~Checking time with the phone
  • ~Making use if the phone’s calculator

Some other things your smart phones could do for you include;

  • ~Checking the weather: Of course your smartphone could be your weather reporter. Just as you tune in your radio or television set for weather reports, your phone could save you the stress and predict the weather for you on daily bases
  • ~Your phone can be your alarm.
  • ~Your phone can also be your stopwatch.
  • ~You can use your phone as your world clock.There are apps on Google Play store or Apple Store that are world clock apps and they work with your smart phones. So, you can be in Nigeria and know what time is it in China or the United States so you can schedule your international meetings or whatever reasons.
  • ~You can use your phone to hide your location or switch your location to another location for security reasons if you suspect you are been trailed. You can be tracked through phone and you can stop being tracked through your phone by hiding your location or changing your phone location to another location.
  • ~You phone can be your dairy for your daily events and Todo list.
  • ~ You can use your phone to read news and receive latest news updates.
  • ~ You can use your phone for directions through the Google Maps.
  • ~ You can use your phone as your mobile bank. Banks and other financial institutions have apps that work perfectly well with your mobile phone (be it an Android phone or an iPhone) that you can use to transact and save you the stress of going to the banking halls.
  • ~You can use your phone to shop online and what you bought will be delivered at your doorstep without you living the comfort of your home.
  • ~ You can use your phone to type as there are Microsoft Word apps that are suitable with your mobile phone.
  • ~You can use your phone to arrange and prepare for your presentation as there are phone PowerPoint apps.
  • ~ You can use your phone to store and duplicate important files.
  • ~You can use your phone to edit pictures and videos.

There are other things you can use your phone to do especially if it’s a smartphone; the author only highlighted some of them.

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